First day of chinese new year, and instead of going around eating food, my brother was dragged by me to embark on a sushi expedition. He couldn't contend with simple normal sushi ingredients, so we busted more than $20 on salmon, tuna, scallop, and the green japanese seaweed thing.
There wasn't japanese cucumber in stores so we settled for zucchini even though you shouldn't do that. There was my special egg and some rice toppings. 5.5 cups of rice and 10 seaweeds were used in total.

3 hours plus later from when the rice was cooked, we have:
Tuna, Egg, Cucumber

Baked salmon (rubbed with salt), Egg, Cucumber

Scallop, Japanese seaweed, Cucumber
And what to do with all the leftover rice and ingredients? We mixed them up and it became Yaki Taki, which we so affectionately termed. To us, it was heavenly, but to the folks at home, it seemed pretty disgusting. Hm.
I'm so proud to say that my brother was a very hardworking student and even though he rolled the sushi with so much force my mat broke after that, he has since succeeded in rolling a decent roll that is not triangular in shape. His future girlfriend MUST love sushi.


Abby said...

"Japanese seaweed thing"...sounds like something I'd say! Cute post!

CakeItaly said...

Wow fantastic ideas for my next lunch with my friends.

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