Ice Cream Cake

Only my 2nd attempt at an ice-cream cake and it did turn out well! All the fears of "melting moments" were unfounded as my amazing DAISO cooler bag became a mini freezer in itself. While I did wish for a blowtorch in the process, I managed to adapt without it thanks to my strong arms.

Maybe I should confer baking as a sport?

Sandwiched between the ice cream layers is a brownie cake layer and the bottom is an oreo crust to fit in with the cookies and cream ice cream. Somehow though, the brownie layer went rather unnoticed. Hm.



You forget what you see, hear, smell or taste. 
You only remember what you feel.

Everyone can imagine the horror of hunger, the anger it can engender.
Everyone, no matter how hardened, can remember the foods that defined their childhood.
And everyone knows, that whether you are eating sardines or lobster, that what you eat and what you want to eat says much about you.

Green Tea Fruit Tarts

For Ugenie's birthday! For the love of green tea :)
Shall make the crust thicker next time and remember to dry all the fruits. The tarts become soggy from the moisture after a while.

It's going to be my new wallpaper, in my new house, in my new room. Gastronomic is the new sexy.
Food Art

Mango Strawberry Fruit Cake

Perry ordered a cake from me. Fruit cake for a friend's surprise birthday celebration. So there goes Saturday perfecting the slices of the cake. Mango mousse on the inside, yummy food. Makes a happy birthday happier. So we met for dinner at botanical gardens, a little far but still rather nice place at Food for Thought.

Oh boy, was the birthday girl surprised! When her dear primary school friends appeared, and told her that she just baked her own birthday cake! Ingenious much?

Could never have guessed it in a million years. Or rather in 4 years. It's been a great leap year. Shall leave this with a quote: 

Friends are like wine, the longer you keep them, the better they get. Let's see how many decades we go after this first one :) Much love my dear primary school friends!


Tiramisu and the leap year

I rather like this Tiramisu recipe. Come to think of it, I rather like doing Tiramisu. Simple, easy and to the point. Makes people happy, makes me happy and takes little time.

Coffee liquor is exciting! Something really fun to work with. Tasted quite bad on its own though, albeit bitter and resentful.

On 290212, twenty years of my life taught me this one lesson:
Friends are like coffee with that dusted cocoa powder in the shape of hearts. Love and caffeine high.

You are what Tiramisu is. 
2012. 29 Feb.
Much love, caffeine and alcohol high.