Log Cakes 2011

Merry Christmas! :)

It's christmas again and the log cakes start "rolling" out! This year I discovered SNOW on log cakes...


Santa please tell me I've been a good girl this year. I've been asking for the same thing every year, but you never do seem to realise it. How do you expect me to bake better cakes without my fuel for inspiration?

The mistletoe is always too crowded.

Who gives Santa christmas presents?


Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

I did it, the 3 kg chocolate cake for Ying Quan's birthday party! He's really quite an awesome guy, and by inviting me to bake his 21st birthday cake really means a lot to me. It took me a whole night and half a day, but it was worth every moment of it.

Almost 70 slices and a whole bunch of happy people enjoying the cake. I can't describe how I felt when they came up and said the cake was awesome. Some moments that really melted my heart were: 1) When a guy came up and asked if I was going to open up a shop, because he felt that I would succeed.2) When another guy told me I'll put awfully chocolate out of business.3) When the few came up to ask for second helpings.4) All the random comments such as: I wish I could have this cake for my birthday every year.5) Everyone who came up to me and told me it was good.Realised that all I needed was just someone to understand how this meant so much to me. To remind myself to have a little more faith that I can take on such projects and accomplish it. It's another milestone and another learning journey for myself.For the next attempt, I'm going to get the crispy thing right. Cause now it's "the chewy chewy thing"...You know what, right now, I'm so damn happy :)


Marbled Brownies

Realised I haven't baked brownies for a couple of years! Wanted to do marbled but the effect didn't really come out. I guess I got too carried away swirling the mixture that it got all mixed up. Whatever the case, it tastes pretty good! My mum said it tastes good, what a rare compliment...

Life's like this brownie, messed up. Black or white? Maybe if I bake more I'll figure things out. Don't judge me because I like to play with fire. Even when it burns the biggest hole.

Christmas and vanilla twilight is my deadly combination. 

Fondant Birthday Cake

 On 11/11/11, a very special day, we celebrated yuting's birthday with a very special cake!

The vines were probably one of my greatest impromptu ideas that night. Green tea leaves.

And we baked the night away, slowly but steadily. Midnight baking, like cakes, is never healthy but it just about one of the most satisfying :)

I don't know how we came together,
I wouldn't ask for forever.
Let me just keep all of these memories in a pretty glass bottle.