Pineapple Tarts Sale 2010

The annual pineapple tarts sale is HERE!

$8 for 20 tarts:
$15 for 40 tarts:
This year, the tarts are 100% homemade, inside and outside, and comes in a very classy transparent square box for the young and trendy!
Orders close on 1st Feb, and by the second week of Feb, i.e. the week before Chinese New Year, it shall be ready for collection. So hurry and give me a call or a text or simply tag here to order!


Tribute to 2009

It feels odd to start this post, firstly because I feel like I missed the first day of 2010 and secondly, reflections are usually not blogged about in fionainthekitchen. Nonetheless, here goes.

If I were to sum up 2009 in a word, it would be unpredictable. I remember last year's new year resolution: Get through 2009 as simply as possible and study really hard. It was a wonderful plan, perfect. Unfortunately, even though the second part did come true, (I really studied so very hard, I can't imagine how much harder it can get for Alevels), the first part was a complete and utter failure.

That doesn't mean I regretted anything. There is no time for regrets, and regrets are useless. In 2009, I surpassed so many boundaries, boundaries I never knew I had. I learnt so much about myself, and about the people around me. In some ways, I feel like the past 16 years of my life was spent behind a blindfold. But we learn.

Baking was a boundary I surpassed, because this year, I really tested my limits. And I realised how I could impact the lives of others and for that I am very grateful. 2008, I felt like giving it all up, but 2009 I realised I could never do that, it's so much a part of me already. And I will continue to do it for the rest of my life, because it is so meaningful and because without it, I would be just an empty shell.

2008, I thought I would lose a lot of people, but 2009 came and went, and I realised the important ones stay regardless. I came to love a lot more people and I saw how much love was around me, in all the different forms. To be able to love is a blessing in itself, and if you are loved in return, it's an additional blessing. So, to everyone that gave me a chance to love you and for those who reciprocate that, thank you.

As I bid 2009 goodbye, I must say that I will never forget the things that happened and how it redefined me. 2010 strikes fear in my heart, I can see the challenges that awaits and it is going to be one of the hardest year I will ever have to go through. People will leave, boundaries have to be resurpassed and my life shall be redefined at the end of it. So here's the new year resolution for 2010:

Remain whole and learn to be happier.