Green tea swiss roll

Made a swiss roll to thank my aunt for becoming my surety for my scholarship. Pulled this together with an empty fridge and in a little over an hour! Added whipped cream and chocolate chips and rolled it up. But usually green tea go with red beans though. I think I've reached the stage where I can bake when I want to, without having to plan beforehand and just checking what's in the fridge. In other words, my confidence and versatility has upped level! :D

Ok so I finally signed the deed. That's 2 years of my life after graduation and 4 years of achieving expectations crafted in black and white. A minimum cap of 4.0/5.0 and submission of results every test/exam. For someone whose parents have never really bothered, I feel claustrophobic now. I lost part of my freedom through the flick of a pen, and truthfully, the fear is there.

But after the Tioman trip, a little like heaven on earth, I realised I don't want to be like anyone else. I want to try things that others may not get a chance to, I want to have taken risks, I want to be known to have failed and proven myself again. That way, on my deathbed, I would've lived the life I wanted to.

The safe path is a boring one. Gather up your courage and move along.


Durian Cake Bakesale

With the durian season, comes the durian cake bakesale!

$15 for a 20cm by 20cm cake as below:

$8 for a 10cm by 20cm cake:

 $5 for a 10cm by 10cm cake:


Orders are open for the whole month of June. Place your orders by email, or send me a message on my handphone!


Mango Mousse Cake - Limei's Birthday Cake

It's limei's birthday so I baked her a mango mousse cake! (Mango is the national fruit of phillipines, her 2nd hometown. :D) Happy Birthday Dance Goddess!

Here's the cake. Wasn't what I had in mind though, was planning on a striped mango mousse cake but in the end the stripes didn't work so I had to improvise with chocolate. Now it looks like a dog bowl. But hey, at least now I know how to make a cake that looks like a dog bowl!

The layers were really neat though! So pretty. I learnt my lesson from my banana chocolate cake and hence, big thanks to the cake ring. And I've been working quite a lot with gelatine recently, so now I'm quite confident using it. So glad, cause it does make beautiful cakes.

The cake tasted much better than i thought it would. So good! Definitely makes my A-list. Limei says, "it was the best mango cake ever... seriously heavenly mango goodness and the best sponge cake I have eaten. Priceless cakes on my birthday is enough to keep me happy every year :)"

These friends are priceless. I can't even describe how lucky I feel to be able to make you guys smile like that. I'll make cakes; we'll make memories. Love ya'll :)



This is my challenge of the year: Croquembouche for my brother's 24th birthday!

See, I have a brother who dislikes cakes, so every year, my task is to bake a birthday cake for him, that is not a cake. So, maybe a french wedding cake can suffice this year?

I made the choux puffs.

Then I did the chocolate custard. (First time I made my own custard successfully!)

Then I made caramel, for the first time! It was an eye-opening experience watching sugar behave like that! But I got burnt a few times with the super hot caramel and now my blister is huge!

And slowly, I built my own Tower of Puffs!

Finally, I wrapped it in caramel threads. So fun to do!

It tastes so good. The custard is simply delicious!

The hours of hard work are just worth it. Happy Birthday Gor! I hope every year, I get to bake unconventional cakes for you. And you shall have birthday cakes that is unique and special to you only :)

With love,