Egg tarts recipe

As requested:

250g cake flour
125g butter
25g custard powder
25g sugar
1 egg
vanilla essence (estimate)

200g eggs (apprx 4)
120g sugar
175ml water
175ml milk

1) Rub in flour with butter will a sandy texture is obtained.
2) Add in the rest of the ingredients and mix into the dough.
3) Line the mould evenly.

1) Dissolve the sugar in the water over heat.
2) Pour in the milk and eggs slowly, making sure that the eggs do not cook.
3) Strain the mixture and pour into the mould.

Bake at 200 degrees C and for about 20-30 minutes. The filling is cooked once it starts to rise into a bubble, but use a toothpick to make sure. The toothpick should not be too wet.

Don't worry if you overcook and chaota your egg tarts the first time round; practice makes perfect remember!

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