Miki Ojisan No Mise Cheesecake

This is my favourite cheesecake! I am usually not a big fan of cheesecake but I was introduced to this brand since I was a small puny little girl. (Wow, I love food even at a young tender age.)

It came back to me like a long lost friend when I went Raffles City recently and how could I resist buying it. Furthermore, it was not as expensive as I remembered. All the more reason for me to snap it up.

$9.80 for a big cake like this. Cheap for a cheesecake. It's cottony soft on the inside and not too cheesy like those $5 per slice kind. It's just a simple plain baked cheesecake with a picture of an old stuck-up chef, who refuses to even look at you in the eye, on it.

Unfortunately, due to my lack of patronage in the last decade, the shop has reduced to just occupying a small cramped space in the Marketplace at the basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre.

Anyone interested to buy it can also save the shop from closing down, and save me from being deprived of my childhood sweetheart.


farha ; annie said...

woah! u like that cake also? me too! :D
by the way, I'm used to work at that shop in Malaysia:)
the aroma is soo amazing ryte?^^

fiona said...

Oh wow, they have it in Malaysia too? Sadly, it seems to be dying off in Singapore already. There used to be chocolate flavour, but now it's just only plain left.