Strawberry Cheesecake

It's an amazing discovery of how Mascarpone and Cream cheese can work together to produce a perfect combination that's light, yet thick. And it's all because I bought the wrong cheese. I tried a 3:4 ratio and a 1:2 ratio. Both worked out fine, but the more Mascarpone, the more fragile the cake.

This recipe bakes beautifully, without cracks. It's heart-warming to bake this after a long baking drought. Though the exhaustion really did set in after!

It was supposed to be Strawberry, but I guess the flavour didn't really set in. Next time, I'll add more strawberry puree since the cheese overwhelms it so easily. I really thought my design was artistic, but now I can't look at it any other way after what those guys said...

Possibly one of the happiest moments of this year. In the years ahead, can we keep these smiles on?

Just something to remember things by. I guess it's never too much when you can love like this. :)




Name of a dessert bar
The aftermath of a run
Of a self-fulfilling prophecy

Remembering this last time the heart smiled
There were cookie crumbs on faces, on teeth, on hearts

A reminder to never lose sight of what we call love
In this crazy whirlwind of what we call life.

There is no telling how many miles you'll have to run in chasing a dream