The Roti Prata House

The Roti Prata House

Located at Upper Thomson Road, in other words, near my school! So instead of hanging out at the dreadful J8, a new hangout was discovered through Emelyn whose house is just around the corner, up many flights of stairs, across the main road and 10m away.

This was actually recommended by The New Paper once and true to its reputation, the prata is worth many many visits back. Check out their assortment of pratas... Prices are reasonable as well.

Plain Prata, going for $0.80 per piece. The curry is fragrant and not too spicy. In other words, AWESOME. We licked both plates clean. The prata is crispy and slightly too buttery but nonetheless, still very tasty. It is a bit small though, could have been bigger.

Egg prata. It's bigger and tastes pretty normal. But it is still tasty when accompanied with the curry or sugar.

And after food, we head to Emelyn's nice woody but termites-free house and stare into space till we fall asleep. If this is JC life, then I'm loving it!

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