Shortbread Cookies

The first time I baked since I started school! And it was part of my campaigning process for ABC business manager. So shortbread cookies shaped into 'F', to win votes. But I think a little less butter might be better. Still though, it tasted good! As they say, the way to anyone's heart is through the stomach!

I really want to thank my roomie for helping me and for being so awesome! Most days I think about how lucky I am to have met her and to have her as a roomie. When she returns to Denmark, I guess I'll be a lonely soul again in hall 16. :(

It's amazing how adorable my friends are. Never thought I could make such great friends in university. Thanks guys, for coming down and for singing the songs. Like I said, it's friends like y'all that gave me the bizmag position. And honestly, if not for Mario and all, I'll be nowhere near the 383 votes. Campaigning was crazy tiring, but the amount of love I felt, is enough to make up for anything.

I guess I can never hit that pause button for baking even though life is rushing by me like a bullet train. University made me know a lot more people and at the end of the day, I realised that passion is everywhere. You know it'll never leave you once you find meaning in doing what you love. Sometimes though, I wish that we could all dare to love a little bit more. Then maybe we could all smile a little bit more.

4 years to learn to love again. Family, Friends, Food. :)