Orange Mousse Cake

Sometimes... people say things they don't think make an impact. But they actually do. Orange mousse cake was not my idea, though I wondered why I have not thought of it.

It looks really pretty naked but I just wanted to fluff it up a little! Add some personality and dimensions to the cake. Aye... but there's that bitter tinge to it, probably due to the membrane of the orange. Maybe using only the pulp will help. See how, but for now, TADAA~~

Small cakes are so pretty and they leave so much room for creativity. Each one of them can be different despite the identical make up. I feel a bit weird when I think of cakes as living things. Especially when I tell my mum that mousse cakes can sometimes throw tempers :|

Orange Chiffon Cake

I absolutely love LOVE my new oven. It browns impossibly evenly and every cake comes out kinda perfect. Kinda, because perfection doesn't exist in the world of baking (everything can be improved ^^)

So here it is inverted. Pardon the dents, in my attempt to detach it from the mould.

Only thing though, I'm still not very familiar with my oven's contours. And it looks deceivingly cool even when it reaches temperatures of 200 degrees C. But I remember someone who told me that battle scars like these tell a story, my own story.

Days like these I think I'm the luckiest girl in the world. I bake for people who love me. But most people are loved without limits too. I'm lucky though, not because I'm loved, but because I can see it. If I could, I'd do this everyday. Those smiles are too amazing to be hidden.

This is the story of the ORANGE chiffon cake (:


Red Velvet Cheesecake

An attempt to replicate this from Carnegie Deli in New York City:

This time, the cheesecake's not the main lead as it finds itself sandwiched between striking red velvet layers of cake.

I made smaller versions with the leftovers that I had... Received pretty good reviews!

And yes, the birthday cake for Ken and a proper cake for my dear bizmags as we bid farewell to our time together. It's been a great journey with them :D

Much to improve on... Felt the cake could be a little more moist and the cheesecake a little harder. Of course, food photography skills now tops the list. Things to work upon!

The new oven is pretty awesome to work with, but we need to warm up to each other a little more (pun intended). Life's getting pretty exciting now... Whether it's nerves or excitement, I can no longer differentiate. But YOLO my friends! ><