Helping my friend of 12 years to do up something for her boyfriend. :)

The heart is rather pretty! Just another of my impromptu ideas. Heehee, absolutely love drawing all these inspiration from the lives of everyone around me. Even though exams are drawing close, I'm still drawing hearts... But what can I say, it's a job hazard!

The swan glides gracefully along the water. But have you ever looked beneath?

Actually, don't bother. Ignorance is bliss, we can all live like that forever.
Keep calm and carry on.
I need some beer darling.


Mango Strawberry Cake

My fruit cakes are getting prettier! This was a random order which I shouldn't have accepted because I'm currently overwhelmed by work and life. But I think I lack the hormone which allows me to reject baking. So yes, despite proudly announcing that finally I have a weekend free from baking, I proved myself wrong again.

Do I regret doing this cake? Nah, never. Interesting thought by my friends: to turn the center strawberry upside down. Perhaps it'll look nicer.

Times are tough, stress is high, but thou shall not cry. 
Lift up the chin, put on a smile,
And take the first step of a mile
With eyes dry and spirits high.
For you, I make this wish.

Mango Nut Cake

I thought a mango cake would taste nice. But contrary to what my tastebuds believed, mango actually tastes like something else altogether when baked. And that is.... GINGER.

Seriously?! Yup, unbelievable. So this cake wasn't good tasting. Edible but not nice. Wasted my almonds and hazelnuts and one whole mango. Let's just... try again, shall we? :)