food hunt

I had this food hunt with my primary school friends quite some time ago, but because the pictures just came, so I'm posting it up only now.
First stop: Chinatown
We went to 2 hawker centres, the first one, I gave a recommendation of this Crayfish Hor Fun. I'm pretty sure some of you guys must have tried it before, seeing that this stall is quite famous. Everyone said it was delicious, so the verdict at the end was GOOD FOOD.

The next hawker centre we went to was the one opposite OG. There we ate some hor fun things. The interesting thing about the stall was that they used chee cheong fun to wrap some ingredients up, giving something resembling sushi. Fusion food! But it was too big, even my big, stretchable mouth cannot contain a whole roll.
It was alright, just pretty average food, but interesting and refreshing.
Second stop: Desert Hut
It is located inside People's Park Centre, and linked to OG as well.
There are 2 stall competing with each other there, but go to this stall as it sells the desserts at a cheaper price.

We had Yam with ginko nuts and Mango Sago. Both were delicious. I especially liked the Yam paste because it's so smooth and thick but you wouldn't get sick of it. It would have been better to have more ginko nuts though. Prices are reasonable, at less than $3 per bowl. I will return someday.

Then, we made our way to Botanical Gardens, a first for many of them. Ha, they thought only losers and couples go there, how wrong...
Not only were there 2 miserable white swans in the huge swan lake, (Im pretty sure the previous time I went, they were black swans)

There were 2 bikini babes sun-bathing at the place where we had our picnic. Haha, the guys picked a scenic place to sit. How awesome.

This is the 3rd picnic I've had in 2008, must be a new trend...
I made the egg tarts, Olivia made sushi, Qiyuan, Jeremy and Mingjie made tang yuan, which came in all sorts of flavours. Very original and filling. Samuel and Perry brought along their appetites, even though not much was left after so much food in chinatown.

So before we left, the customary group shot.

This is quite a difficult shot. And all you can see is Jeremy's huge body. Oh and we were all poking our shoulders because... well, inside joke.

Last stop: Island Cremery, all the way at Serene Centre, near Botanic Gardens. (See, we had such awesome plans.)

Because you could stick photos up on the wall, we tried to take a perfect shot. More trouble than you would think. And finally, here it is! The second customary group shot.

Oh before I forget, the ice-cream. Somehow we got all the lousiest flavours but my previous experiences there were much better. If you ever do go there, look out for our picture! It's near the corner seat at the door. (That is if it is still sticking there with that pathetic piece of bluetag.)
After that, we were so full, we walked home, but not before stopping at macdonalds to eat AGAIN.
Plaster prata is so termed because it looks as if the egg is PLASTERED onto the prata. How original!

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