Spize The Makan Place

Spize The Makan Place, located at River Valley Road, just a few stores away from Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice.

Verdict: Not exceptional nor delicious nor in any way worth a second visit, but there was quite a crowd.
(The reason why I got such a lousy shot of the shop was because there was just too many people and too many waiters.)

When Olivia and I made our way there as we decided to try something new because our initial plan failed badly, we were starving and it was 9pm. So I expected even rubbish to taste good.

This is what I got: Beef horfun which I immediately regretted...so much for trying something new. The serving was HUGE. Really big, even for a starved and hollow stomach. However, the beef was tasteless albeit soft and the gravy too bland. Loads of greens though.

This was what Olivia got: I forgot the name but it's rice/noodles wrapped in an omelette.
The noodles tasted like Char Kway Teow and the first few mouthful was fine, but due to the enormous serving and thick taste, she got sick of it halfway through. As a result, it was left unfinished. There was very little ingredients as well, seeing that it was supposed to be "seafood noodles". I didn't know 2 miniature prawns (tasteless) were all the seafood they had left, what good business.

Then because we weren't satisfied and we still wanted something new, we got a prata. The assortment of prata was too difficult to resist even though I already had prata for lunch. (See previous post.)
If you could guess what prata this is termed, without looking at the answer at the bottom of the post, give yourself a pat on the back and visualize me kowtowing to you.
Curry was too hot, we were dripping mucus at the end of it. Absolutely normal and plain and boring. A chore to finish.
Still unsatisfied, we decided to call on their famous Roti John Special (awarded some recognition). In case you are wondering how 2 normal healthy girls can eat so much, that makes 3 of us.
Roti wrapped with cheese, button mushroom and omelette which was fried with mutton and covered in cheese and chilli sauce. The roti was quite crispy yet soft, but the omelette has such a strong smell of mutton I felt like I was in Little India. It was so overwhelming that I couldn't stomach the fillings we so affectionately termed "John" (Roti John without the roti is just john, no?). So I took out the fillings and just had roti and after that waved goodbye to my appetite for a day.
But it wasn't really that repulsive, we were just so so full...

When we ended, it was 1030pm. And the crowd only grew in size. I wonder if it was that cute waiter which attracted the crowd.

Alright, ready to visualize my kowtowing? The prata is called:

Can you figure out why it is called that? The answer will be posted in the next post!

hahahaha i'm having so much fun with this plaster prata.

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