Fruit Tarts

Halfway through the prelims, I got hit by a brainwave! Hence, even though I know I shouldn't, I can't help but make some fruit tarts!

It all started because the fruit tarts in my school became more expensive. And I was confident that I could do better, and hence, here's green tea and chocolate and the normal fruit tarts.

Green tea goes really well with kiwi, and I think I added too much cocoa powder for the chocolate tarts, but other than that, everything's pretty awesome! I separated the recipe for a normal tart paste, divided it into 3 and made green tea and chocolate paste. Did the same for the pastry cream so as to get different flavours. And for a thicker crust, as per requested, I had 10g of pastry dough for each tart.

Arrangement of the fruit seemed brainless, but I had to try a couple of variations before deciding that slices was still the best way to go for fruits.

The colours are addictive, they're like my ecstasy. And I didn't realise how much I missed seeing the smiles that my food can bring. My friends are very supportive, they tell me it's good enough to be sold. But they are the reason why the food comes out well, baking with someone in mind makes things a whole lot easier and much more exciting!

Alevels is a rite of passage for everyone, but that doesn't make it any easier. Running on autopilot is tiring, I'm getting really tired. 2 months seem so short, but everyday's becoming dreary and dry. I have taken to writing my short bursts of ideas on paper and keeping it in a box. 2 months later, they'll see the light of day, and together with my mixer, we'll begin a whole new life!

I think I'll just live in my kitchen.