Porridge buffet at The Rajah Inn

Lunch with simin and candice today was at Tiong Bahru Plaza, initially it was rather boring thinking of going back to the all so familiar mall. But to my suprise, there was something new that I haven't tried!

Porridge buffet at Rajah Inn on level 2 was relaxing and nice. It starts at 11.30 to 2.30pm, with over 20 dishes to choose from. The porridge has sweet potato in it and is cooked just the way I like it, watery and soft.

Round 1 - The peanuts, eggs and fried fish is worth a try. All our favourite dishes.

Round 2

Credits go to Simin for discovering it. I would definitely go back again, because of the convenience and not too crowded atmosphere. The price is a bit expensive though, $6.90 for anyone taller than 1.2m and with the addition of GST, it becomes $8.10 per person.

By the way, my camera is all broken inside, like an emo kid, so for the time being, picture quality will be like that. I pray it survives the major operation. Everyone, GRIEVE.

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