Hainan Kor

Hainan Kor
Located at Block 95 Lorong 4, Toa Payoh #01-48

It was an after school lunch and this was introduced to me by Deborah Yuen. Since she lives in Toa Payoh, she has a fairly good grasp of the good food there and it's such a relief to escape from Junction 8.

This stall swears by home-styled recipes and even though the food was not bad, I think the "homely" element is not really there. It doesn't remind you of Grandma's/Mum's cooking, which we all know is the best food out there.

We had one of the quick meals which is the cheapest. The price there is fairly steep nonetheless. My chicken rice with chap chye (mixed vegetables) costs $4 in total. This is the cheapest food they have there. Excluding service charge and GST I think.

This is what they are popular for, Beef stew. The beef is tender, not overcooked so it was pretty tasty. The stew could have been a bit thicker but it was still good because you don't get sick of it after a few mouthfuls.

I would say this was a rather healthy restaurant with emphasis on vegetables. I personally thought the chap chye was quite well-assorted and it didn't have an oily feel to it. It was fragrant and the vegetables were cooked so that it was soft but not soggy.
Toa Payoh has a lot of good food. It's so good to know that Deborah Yuen doesn't just eat air, I'm really glad she's a healthy eater.
The funny thing was, we were so engrossed in the food and our conversation that we left without paying. And nobody came after us with Parangs.

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