Oatmeal Cookies!

Awesome stuff here! It's a great cookie recipe that the whole family loves. Finally something that everyone enjoys. *Sighs in relief*

I hope this is my gateway to something bigger. The first step to a thousand miles. In the meantime...

It gets tiring sometimes... But only then can you feel the adrenaline rush. What's life without a little excitement? 


Jodee's Birthday

Jodee turns 20! With all her best buddies around her, I hope she'll always be a happy girl. 

Too much chocolate in this cheesecake though! And I'm seriously sick of baking cheesecake. Time for some lighter baking sessions... Though cheesecake tarts are indeed popular. It's a shame they cracked, should've controlled the heat better. But I'm still getting to know my oven better. It's our love story :D

He made a pinata for her...
"When a guy likes a girl, he'll do many things for her"
All that counts, is here and now.

New York Cheesecake

Limei's best friend's birthday! She turned it into an artistic cake... Piping chocolate from a bag.

The extra mixture was turned into cheesetarts.

Baking for smiles.