Boon Tong Kee

Chinese New Year meal with the gang was at Boon Tong Kee, near Great World City. The place where Spize was.

So we had Yusheng on the impulse! Because it was going at $30.80++

We were so excited we just took about a million pictures of the Yusheng and stared at it till we couldn't differentiate saliva from water. And yes, that's abalone, which nobody was really sure where it all went because we all had just one piece.

And we tried to pour the things on and mutter good wishes, but we failed so badly someone came to help us. Who can remember what peanuts and sesame seeds represent?

And finally, we have good wishes in Chinese and English, because Teresa and Olivia cannot speak chinese... much.

Dinner finally, for or starving stomachs:

The chicken is really good, tender and soft. The kangkong was so spicy and so little and so expensive!

Fried beancurd with green tea mayonaise. Quite a weird combination but Jeremy licked it clean. The beancurd was very nice, crispy on the outside, soft and smooth on the inside. Very good.

Total cost: $ 75. Not bad eh, sharing among 5 people. It was initially $78, but we cheated a bit, by saying that we didn't eat the pickled radish as appetiser. But how would we know you had to pay for something we didn't order! What a cheater.

Then we walked to Tong Shui cafe, and this time we were smarter. We asked if the peanuts they served needed money and luckily we just ate a few and returned to them. Else we would have to burn another hole in the pocket.

They have the most complicated menu. Would you like Hot Lemon Tea with Honey or Hot Honey with Lemon?

Tutti Fruiti Summit. $12 and not good at all. What a complete waste of money. But I think the other dishes they have is not bad. Maybe someday we'll go back again.

If you go there, eat some peanuts, shake the plate to make it seem as if untouched, and return it to them. About 10 nuts wouldn't make too big a difference. And when returning the peanuts, DO NOT CHEW AND TALK.

Because we are retarded and hungry like that. (Mingjie is not in, she was late. Tsk.)

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