Holland Village's Hunts

Went to Holland Village with some of the radinmas people last saturday and tried to satisfy our sweet tooths. (teeth, tooth, you get it.)

First stop after dinner: Frolicks
It's located near the Holland Village Hawker Centre, where the alleys are (Holland Avenue). It's not a shop with chairs but more like just a stall.

We got peach flavoured yogurt with vanilla fudge and some cereal as toppings. This was the largest cup size, $6 plus. It was shared among the 5 of us. The yogurt is very savoury, you can eat it on its own. There's also non-flavoured ones of course. Toppings choice are rather limited, about 10? Definitely worth a second try.

You are supposed to get the wrong idea. Go on Mondays, Thursdays and you get a free badge that gives you the wrong idea. (I can't remember if there's another day.)

Second stop: Cold Rock Ice-cream
Located just opposite Haagen-Daz, and near Frolicks.

This is dark chocolate and rum and raisin. Dark chocolate is rather normal whereas the rum was not too noticeable and I did not eat a single morsel of raisin. Perhaps other flavours would be better. It is 6 plus for a medium cup size like this without toppings.

Credit goes to the wide range of toppings and they help to stir the toppings into the icecream so you taste it in every bite.

Would return but Frolicks still seem more worth the money. At least there are seats at Cold Rock.

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