Eden's 3rd Birthday

A cake for dearest Eden who turns 3 tomorrow!

This is the awesomest cake I've ever done. It's an oreo cake and inside, the cake is a layer of oreo crumbs with whipped cream sandwiched between two slices of chocolate sponge cake. It's meant to look like an oreo biscuit, with black biscuits and white cream. This is then engulfed in cream and the sides are covered with oreo crumbs. And it's a happy face for Eden!

Then, as take home stuff for the kids, I became an artist and using my "paint", created...

cute little boys and girls! These butter cookies are quite tasty too!

All wrapped up and ready to go!

And finally, this is the happy birthday girl. Hopefully everything tastes great tomorrow and everyone will have a whole load of fun!

Does Eden look like the cake?


Candice in the kitchen!

I realised the power of baking today when candice says how these cupcakes would make her mum happy again! And I really hope it did. It's my strongest belief that food is the best way to pass on joy and it is such an honour that I am given a chance to do so.
My friend is such a creative girl. Her mind works in such complicated ways that I can only wonder at the things that she ponders and muse over. It's a myraid of beautiful designs!

Then all the baking got me hungry and I scrambled some eggs. Eggs are such happy little round objects. Can't live without them.

Side-tracking a little, before baking, we went to catch 2012 at Lido. So much memories at Lido. In any case, 2012 got me thinking a lot. The most important thing in life actually, is letting the people you love, know how much you love them. Because at the end, regrets are something you could really do without.
And it occurred to me that for the past 17 years, I haven't been much of a daughter to my parents. I let a lot of friends slip through my fingers. I forgot some people who cared. And even when I've finally found a way to express myself, I didn't do it.
There are many different kinds of love in this world, but none of them should be left out in the cold. The greatest gift in life after all, is to love and be loved.


Banana Cake at midnight

Banana Cake at midnight. I've got to be crazy. But a deal's a deal and a promise is a promise. The only thing that fionainthekitchen breaks are eggs, definitely not promises.

In any case, I did one at 4am as well and that one sucks. CAUTION: Do not be fooled, there is a difference between banana ESSENCE and banana FLAVOUR. Learnt it the hard way though.

I hope this taste alright, dont want to let the person waiting for it down. He seems to have very high expectations of it. But there is a reason why I don't put my banana cake on sale right?


Durian Cake Bakesale COMPLETED

Here's to another successful completion of the Durian Cake sales! This time round was much easier and the time taken also went down by a little. I've got better packaging, but silly me forgot to get plastic ones for the medium size cakes and had to resort to using paper boxes again which will absorb all the butter making the whole box oily and greasy. SIGH.

In any case, thanks for all the support friends! And for those who ordered again, thank you very very much!

JiaJie, Jodee, Candice, Simin, Cheryl, Ivan, Mingzhe, Ching Sien, Amos - Hope yall enjoy the cake!

And this marks the end of the durian season. Byebye King of fruits.

Just a corny line:
If you were a durian, I'd want to be a mangosteen so that we'll make the perfect pair.