Orange Chiffon Cake 2

Last night I got a message from my aunt requesting for a low sugar cake for her mum-in-law who is hospitalised on her birthday. The elder is diabetic and hence minimum sugar will be good. So I suggested a chiffon cake and cut the sugar by almost half.

The recipe I got from joyofbaking.com and it was much better than the previous recipe I used. The flavour of orange came out beautifully without any artificial flavourings and the texture of the cake was moist and soft.

Sadly, during the removal of the cake from its mould, I was not careful and the cake looked terrible. :( Sigh. What a waste because it was a delicious cake. But they still enjoyed the cake and I hope it'll make her hospital days a little better.

Shall improve on the appearance next time. I always believe that food, like people, must not only have quality on the inside but also on the outside!

Speaking of which, I have since come to realise that in the face of competition, everyone is superficial. Such is a skill treasured and sought after by many. It can make or break you, and it can redefine you. In the face of all these, I must send a strong reminder to myself:

Remain true, remain strong and remain in the race.


Nutella Cupcakes

Some people live to bake. I think I bake to live.

It's been a terrible time for me recently and I guess this form of therapy is desperately needed. Perhaps it is also no coincidence why I signed up for a 10km run, as always, I'm trying to run away from it all again. So, sunday morning was spent baking nutella cupcakes. Kinda like marble cake but you just use nutella instead of cocoa batter. Tastes delicious especially if you're a nutella fan like me!

I packaged a few up, hopefully to salvage some situations. Food therapy... tops retail therapy.

There's no "Esc" button in life. We're all lost and messed up. And I'm clinging on to baking like it's the last thread preventing everything from unfolding. Life's expectations are too difficult to live up to. Can't be perfect all the time can we?