Jogurt Torte

Austrian cake for my austrian prof! It's a biscuit base with a strawberry yogurt mousse. Though prof wanted a sponge base I believe. But he said he liked it and that it tasted like his mum's so that made my new year's eve!

Tried to do some chocolate designs on the strawberry (as Chomel has done) but I think it didn't really look nice :/ Though it was fun! As they put it, the idea is there...

I can't wait for Europe :D

Durian Croquembouche

This long rectangular plate is honestly one of the best investments I have made. It makes these little lumps of delight look so dainty and cute. Seriously, everyone should get a long rectangular plate. (Mine was from ToTT!)

And with a styrofoam cone and some toothpicks, the durian tower is born! Just a little christmas present for my man's family :D

Thanks to today's technology, beautiful things can become gorgeous like that. I love choux pastry. Especially when they poooooof!