Sentosa Picnic

The long talked about yearly sentosa outing happened on 29/12/08, before the new year. Phew, we made it!
Because we were so blinded by the sun, we missed out that there was a shady tree just 1.236 metres away from us. So we plonked down on the burning sand and got ready to toast our bread. All the time pretending that the weather was not hot at all, freezing in fact.

Then emelyn couldn't take it anymore and opened an unbrella which led to the discovery of the shady spot we named: Under the tree.

The cheese really melted. Just ask cheryl.

We played Captain's ball with rotten bananas. Which turned into muah chee. And attracted more friends, namely flies.

There was a sandcastle building competition after the horrendous chase after the rotting banana.

I think kaichi and I did a good job, even though we lost badly to the egyptian tomb.

We call it "The King Of FAR". Theme: Fat And Round. King because our handwritings were just too big for Kingdom. I bet you guys are jealous of our artistic abilities. Too bad.

And finally...

But I think we still look more natural flying.

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