My first project!

I just got a big project to deal with. And it's looking so exciting I can't wait to get my mind and hands started. It's for my niece's birthday party where there be about 12 hungry little kids.

So we think CUTE and COLOURFUL and SWEET. That's the idea for cupcakes, miniature ones since they have such small mouths. Cookies, colourful ones so they can spot them with their miniature eyes. And SUSHI, mini soft ones so they can chew with their miniature teeth/tooth and digest with their miniature tummys.

The cost is going to give me a big headache, I really don't know how to charge. Maybe I'll roll a dice. Or flip a coin.

And I'm thinking of hiring an assistant too! Any takers?

Female (to enter my house without gaining suspicious looks, right?)
Must love baking
Must love food
Must be able to stand for 5 hours straight
Must be able to not pee for 10 hours straight
Knowledge that I'm most probably not going to pay you much or anything at all, and hence,

Deadline: 11 June, 2pm
Baking day: 9 June, 9am to 11pm, which means it has to be finished by hook or by crook
Sushi day: 11 June, 7am to 1pm
From now till baking day: Plan and Buy everything required

It begins now!!!

Green tea checkered cake 2

Cake Order Number 2!

Ok, honestly, to stomach this cake, you have to REALLY love green tea. Either that or you are sharing with a REALLY large group of people.

I don't like this cake and I most probably will not make it again. But well, someone wanted it, so I guess he shall have it. Hopefully, and I really really pray very hard, it wouldn't be too bad. Because it is after all 6 hours of effort and it's his present to someone.

Let's all hope that everything goes well. And no more green tea products for me for a month. Urgh.

Paulaner Munchen

Paulaner Munchen at City Hall, next to Suntec City. Great atmosphere and ideal business meeting place. Wonder what an underage alcoholic like me was doing there...

Appetiser which was really good. I think it's just my fetish for bread though. Loved their spread, good butter and even better meat spread.

Their in house lager was so good. If only it was free flow and not $15 for half a litre. Cheers!

Our main course for the night. I actually skipped lunch for this. And despite that, the food stil went unfinished. Introducing german food (I think?), pork knuckle, speciality sausages and veal tips. No idea what it is though, some kind of meat?

Have to say the food was good though, quite unique and unlike anything I've tasted before. The whitish side dish is onion actually, and it's so soft and sourish it hard to believe it's an onion. THe pork knuckle was so huge, all 3 of us couldnt finish it. Imagine the size of the pig.

This is us.

And my cousin turns a year older with this half-price bakerzin chocolate cake. (which was super delicious by the way, go get it before the promotion ends!) Cheapos all the way!



If you are feeling down and out
And your mind is full of doubts
Why not try to clear those dark clouds
With a little of Fiona's happycakes as a very special drug!

I've finally came up with a way of making the print on the cupcakes, so now i can come up with all sorts of design! The previous one I did, I just piped melted chocolate on top, which is a bad idea as they smudge like nobody's business. By the way, the happycakes (as I call them so affectionately) have melted chocolate inside!

So... these happycakes are going at 4 for $1. It's cheap and it's good and it's so adorable! Just tell me what faces you want, I'll try to do my best. And you can also write stuff on them or whatever you can think of. FOR SALE, just drop me a message (a week in advance) dear friends. =)

PS. They make the BEST presents. Trust me, I know.

Chocolate Marshmallow Cake 2

And finally, she's back! Oh how I missed the kitchen. Anyway, after baking for close to two and a half year, fiona has finally sold her first cake!

It's unbelievably cute ain't it? This was ordered by a very sweet boyfriend for his girl's birthday. And I bet the girl will be absolutely over the moon when she sees this. But nobody can be happier than me, it's an unfathomable joy!

So anyway, this was a collaboration between my brother and I. I baked the cake and he did the design. Simply because he's the artist, and I'm the baker.

If you want to order a specially personalised cake for a special someone, just drop me a message and I'll promise to do my best. It's cheap too. And good. And the artist will design for you if you are too lazy to do it yourself.

PS. I find myself always making cakes for boyfriends. It could be a potential business. Hm.