Little India

This is my third visit to Komala Vilas in Little India. It was recommended by a teacher and my repeated visits has proven its worth.
It is supposedly the best Vegetarian Restaurant over there. They don't sell vegetables like what we know, but rather they create wonderful food out of flour.

These are must-trys over there.
Onion Uttapum - their version of a pizza. Soft and filling and filled with onions. Delicious.

Battura - It's so big because of air inside. Rather like a balloon. Very interesting and delectable. I love its chickpea curry.

Dhosai - There is paper dhosai, which is the plain one, crispy and long. (Depending on your luck, you get different sizes. My second visit there with candice, we had a metre long one.) There is also Masala Dhosai, which not only has Masala taste (some kind of indian spice) but also Onion Chutney inside (I think that's what it's called.) Basically it's mashed potato with stuff. Not bad.
Dare to try new stuff, it's fun and exciting!
Directions: Just take the train to little India and exit from exit E. Turn to your left and left again. You can't miss the bright yellow signboard.

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