Marriot Cafe Buffet

Welcome to Marriot Hotel!
Marriot Cafe's international dinner buffet is at $57++ per person, with exclusive deals for DBS/POSB cardholders and well as American Express cardholders.
Dinner starts at 6.30pm and will end at 10pm.

Come with an empty stomach, because even that is not enough! In anticipation of this, I took 7 hours to empty my stomach and by the time I reached, I was READY for the most expensive buffet of my life...so far.

The Marriot Cafe! (After I've eaten of course.. Do you think I would've had the patience to take pictures before food?)

Anyone thirsty enough to pay $15.50 for a 750ml bottle of water? But no worries, drinks for buffet are fruit juices and they provide a long glass of water for everyone.

Soyabean pudding and Mango pudding. Both were very delicious. However, I was too full by then to taste them properly.

And these are what made me lost sleep in anticipation. I had 10, the folks had 10 between them and my brother stomached 12. I think that covered half the cost of the buffet.

The crayfish was one of the highlights. That carnivore brother of mine ate 5 whole crayfish. 10 halves.

Drunken prawns. Not bad, but they could be a little more drunk. The alcohol taste was too mild.

30 seconds ago, they were still alive. The freshest prawns can get!

Our personal favourite. Very good lotus root soup with peanuts and pork ribs. It was thick, aromatic and refreshing. Delicious.

I made the dumbest mistake of eating bread. But they were really good. I wish I could've pocketed some back.

One of the many plates. The smoked salmon was extraordinary. I loved it. And I had so much raw salmon, I think my mercury levels just went up another notch.

Just feast your eyes.


This is roast beef by the way, and it's awesome. Especially their red wine sauce and mushroom sauce.

Chilli crab.

Quotable quotes of the night:

"Eh got ice-cream! Where? Where?"
"You try this, very nice to eat. Try. Try!"
"Everything you cannot finish push to me to eat! No wonder I'm so fat."
"My button going to burst already. Your sister la! Ask me to wear this."

"I'm resting. It's a tactic. You cannot eat too fast, very fast full."
"You must marinate the oyster in lemon and taco sauce. Let it soak for 5 minutes then eat. Damn shiok."
"Are you going to get more oysters?"
"My stomach is so big! Look, it has never been this big before. It's an out of the world experience for me!"
"I don't feel like eating food for 5 years." (Ya right.)

"I cannot slouch already. Cannot even lean back on the chair. Must sit straight, if not all the food will come out."
Father sucking on drunken prawns: I tell the person cooking the prawns: So cruel ah, the prawns still alive then you kill them.
Me: The person eating the prawns even more cruel.
Me: Oysters make you horny, don't eat so much.
Brother: Down here don't have pretty girls to make me horny leh... Actually have, the 2 at the corner table not bad.
Me: - Raise eyebrows -

Ah... For the love of oysters.

Our only "group shot" together. Cause we were all too full and tired.

I love buffets. I love birthdays because they mean buffets. I love oysters. I love food.
Happy birthday mum!


Of Trampoline Memories

One of the many perks of graduating from RG trampoline gymnastics, is the chance to go back before the competition and act as judges to determine the fate of your juniors. So I reluctantly left my volleyball training and gave $10 to a taxi driver to return to Henry Park Primary School gymnasium, where I left my sweat, tears and blood right on that dirty yellow mat where warmups occur.
And the juniors start trembling right before the bell goes and they start their routine in front of the great judges.

For years, I looked forward to the day where I can hold a pen in my hands and make intelligent markings that will ultimately come up with the score deserving of their performance. But I realised I was wrong (as always).
My paper was mainly just scores I gave off the top of my head and anything that required a calculator... didn't require me.

So I stuck to taking pictures. And posing with the new leotard. All the time secretly glad that I wouldn't have to bare my flabby body in this skin-tight piece of cloth.
And here's the man who taught me to love and believe in myself. Simply because he believed in me more than I ever did. He put me in the face of pain, and I learnt to face pain itself. He made me see fear in a different light, until fear became no more than a driving force. He showed me the power of the human mind - it conquers all borders.
Mr Teo, thank you for being more than the best coach.
To the juniors, all the best. I hope you guys will never forget the experience of being a gymnast, no matter how short the time.

It has been many months since I set foot on the trampoline. And to my utter astonishment, I felt like I never left it. I just forgot the feeling of flying.

And because trampoline competition is on April's Fools Day, I did a little digging around and found my sec 4 performance. 20 seconds to do the routine, 2 years of training, a thousand disappointments, a lifetime of memories.

Once a tramper, always a tramper.

One hungry day

Breeks has student meal at $5.90++! Add another buck for soup of the day and a scoop of ice-cream.

Grilled chicken and Salmon pasta

Royce' chocolates are DA BOMB. You got to try them if you haven't. Anything and everything is awesome. I'm in love with coffee chocolate. If I had too much money, I would buy a ton of coffee chocolates and survive lectures. To hell with pimples.
Orange truffles was our sinful indulgence.
Chocolates = Happy girls
Ben & Jerry after dinner with Cheryl, Daniel and Siyuan. S'mores is quite a nice flavour, but rather boring. Courtesy to a nice voucher surprise. =)

And finally, Marvelous Cream! Located opposite 7-11 inside Citylink Mall.
Too many ice-cream choices...

Too many topping choices...

Too many moans of delight... Happiness in $6. Must-try.
The ice-cream was so rich and the toppings so generous, it makes your heart sing. Be surprised at the first mouth.

I just wish they wouldn't mix it till it melts. =/