Countdown to 2009!
This year was spent with my primary school friends, and as we step into the new year together, I wish them all the best for their O'levels, HMT, MT, and all the others. That's my new year wish!

This outing can win the most impromptu award. It all started with me asking Olivia if she was free for lunch, which led to Jack and Perry joining us as usual. So off we headed to Little India, to face Perry's worst fears. Ha, poor guy. (refer to above post on little india - indian food is the new IN thing.)
Then we decided to ask people out for countdown which led to crashing Teresa's home and a sleepover at Jack's place. I think we always have awesome plans.
They like swings, it reminds them of the OLD days.

If not for them two holding down the swing, Jeremy would've been in grave danger. He has grown so much bigger you see.

I actually asked her to give me a sexy pose. Perhaps she heard scary. But I like.

Perry provided our only snack of the night - Ovaltine biscuits all the way from Europe.

While waiting, we played a very intellectual version of Murderer. There was squeezing, winking, a healer, a murderer, many detectives and 2 cards each. You name it, we have it. And only Mingjie can teach you, it's too complicated for us simple minds.
Cheers to the new year with Ceres, our favourite brand of fruit juice. And yes, there was an offer.
Check out the new Ceres Advertisement.

The most pathetic fireworks ever photographed.

First there was 4, then 7.

And in 2009, there was 8. We just keep multiplying.

By the way, if you missed the countdown, it's not too late to countdown along with this video.

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