Fruit Tarts

Another reason to make fruit tarts! Thanks Serene for helping out, otherwise it'll take more than 6 hours! But all is worth it for these colours. The smiles and the warm hearts are always worth it (:

Keep Calm and Carry On... To Christmas Insane Baking!

Smoked Corn Soup

It was a recent soup-making competition that Chomel and I took part in. The soup was a great one, but unfortunately, the execution wasn't.

The other soups:

We didn't win, but the experience was a great one. Because failure is the mother of success... I've found  myself dwelling quite a lot in the culinary world. Somehow, I've been breathing, sleeping and literally eating food. Enough of corn for now though!

Truth be told, competing in the midst of exams stands on the thin grey line that separates passion and insanity.

Squid Ink Pasta

What can I say, I'm a chef wannabe (: