Chocolate Marshmallow Cake

I derived this idea from a secret recipe brochure from long ago. And it was such a last minute change of plan that it only adds on to the joy that it worked out!

Cross-section. It would've been better if I made chocolate cake instead of vanilla. Then the colour contrast would be more accentuated. But we would all get sore throats.

Due to my limited artistic abilities, this was done by my brother. An aspiring artist, not only can he paint on canvases, now he can even do it on marshmallows.

So glad marshmallows was the perfect ingredient. Happy Birthday dear girl!

I need to have more confidence in myself. So as to stop shaking before cutting every cake I make.

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day

10SO3I is so the cutest thing. Should've went for a third cone!


For him

This is my father.
It was his birthday and I made a cake.
I think I made him happy.
And it made me happy too,
knowing that what I do,
is not simply a waste of time.
Like what they all used to think.

Lemon and Lime Mousse Cake

I learnt about this from a Phoon Huat baking class, which I have been attending for a bit during the holidays. It was this rash notion of mine that made me attempt this. And even though I didn't think anything went wrong, this wasn't a good cake.

It didn't taste nice and I think most of the cake ended up in the bin.

It's the first time I'm doing this kind of cake though, so it was an experience. Disappointing, discouraging but significant.

Flown away Saturday.


David Archuleta's autograph session

Radin Mas Primary School Motto is: "Work hard, Play hard, Make a Mark" And I am proud to proclaim that Radinmasians are a proud ambassador of that phrase. It is a phrase that not only shaped us, but also united us.
David Archuleta's autograph session at Iluma shopping centre, just next to Bugis Street. People everywhere!

The man in question.

The man waving at us. We gathered up troops and screamed out his name so shatteringly loud that he just couldn't ignore us. And we had a spy implanted someplace just to capture the moment. Just for the fun of it.
His horrible handwriting he calls his autograph. Attained by Cheryl Lie who so faithfully queued for 4-5 hours. Which I can completely understand, because I would too just to hear him sing.

After we left, we went back just to camwhore.

I love how our uniforms look so different, but yet we all still fit together.

Decorated fruit cake

Hello, I am back! The reason why fionainthekitchen has been so quiet for so long is because... well, fiona is not in the kitchen much recently. I am after all a student, so cut me some slack guys!
And here goes, just something to stop those withdrawal symptoms that I experience when i don't get my hands dirty for a month or more. Those symptoms include sinking further into misery by going through amazing bakers' blogs and then staring at recipes pathetically. Pathetic.

So it was Good Friday and the cousins invited us over for a little get together. And to know more about Christianity and Jesus. I must admit that I no longer abhor it like I used to and somehow or other, certain things start to make sense.
But that's beside the point. I was really touched at how my simple cake could bring so much joy to everyone. And even more humbled when they said birthday cakes should be ordered from me. And those aren't my cousins, they are my cousins' kids. I loved how they got so excited over the cake.

And here's the peek inside. I was honestly disappointed in this cake though. Firstly, I over-roasted the sliced almonds at the side (phone call). Then I forgot my butter. So the cake tasted kinda off. Lastly, I can't cut kiwi. So, well, DO BETTER NEXT TIME NANA.

But I think I did a good job of decorating it, given my limited artistic ability.