Ming Jie's Teachers' Day present

Because tomorrow is a day for teachers, an old friend of mine decided to show them her love. So she came over this rainy sunday and together we baked chocolate cupcakes. I think she got inspired by my happycakes!

They are very soft and delicious. It's a very good cupcake recipe. But I wonder why it erupts like a volcano. Probably due to the chocolate rice inside?

Err the words screwed up a bit, but aiya whatever right.

Finished product! Those in the container are for her class, the lucky people.
So because it's a really good recipe, I'm going to post it! How exciting.
Chocolate cupcakes:
-50g cocoa powder
-240ml hot water
-175g plain flour
-2 tsp baking powder
-1/2 tsp salt
-113g butter
-200g sugar
-2 eggs
-1.5 tsp vanilla
1) Stir cocoa powder with water until smooth.
2) Sift flour, baking powder and salt and mix well.
3) Cream sugar and butter, adding eggs and vanilla essence slowly until smooth.
4) Mix flour into mixture till incorporated and add the cocoa mixture. Stir until smooth.
5) Bake at 180C for about 15 minutes.



You know how sometimes, we get certain impulses. It's like a craving that wouldn't go away. That stupid itch that you just have to scratch off.
Anyway, this was lunch on a certain sunny afternoon. I have decided to post pictures of my "cooking skills" on this blog, so that in the future, should I ever become a great cook, just like my grandma and all other grandmas, I can look back and marvel at how far I have went.
This really looks quite gross, but it was quite an alright meal. Potatoes and Bittergourd and Salted egg.
This is another tin of cookies. I made it in 2 hours, including all cleanup and all that. Then I brought it to the beach so that we could all eat it while we play volleyball. Cookies and ball, that just pretty much sums up my life. If you exclude school that is.
10 things I feel like saying:
1. I haven't met any grandma who cannot cook now that I think about it. Pretty amazing, wonder where all those skills went!
2. I STILL want to learn how to cook hokkien mee.
3. My mum says it's her fate she'll never be rich, because all I want to do is bake.
4. Actually, all I want to do is bake and get married.
5. After all, what's the use of knowing how to cook if you don't have people to cook for?
6. I feel very happy that I'm building brand loyalty. There are already orders for next year's pineapple tarts!
7. Durian cakes will be on sale again in October yea, after my promotional exams.
8. I've decided to withdraw 1K from my bank and invest in a mixer. Ouch.
9. I love my friends, everyone who volunteered to be my guinea pig and everyone who eats what I make. Can't live without them. I'm such a corny piece of junk but I really don't care.
10. If I have time, I'll learn how to make mooncakes. Eventually I will.
11. I get this distinct feeling that my blog is a little dying away.
12. I get another distinct feeling that I overshot the 10 things I want to say.


Durian Cake SOLD

Who knew the durian cake would generate such rave reviews? I finally did midnight baking, and I think that even though I made so little, I was very happy making it. Just seeing people enjoy my food makes me feel so...useful again!

Baking is medicine for the heart.

I am a blessed girl, with much supportive friends. Many thanks to: Candice, Limei, Emelyn, Jingxian, Cheryl, Jodee, JiaJie and Ms Heng.

After promos, the second wave of durian will come again. October is the month to look forward to. But I think, I may raise the price. Just a little. =)