Durian Cake Bakesale

Durian cakes are on sale again!

This time, they are new and improved, with durian bits throughout the cake for a more immersive experience of the King of fruits. So, grab them now before the durian season ends!

They are going at $4/ $8/ $15 with sizes 4 by 4/ 4 by 8/ 8 by 8 inches respectively.
Please place your orders by tagging on this blog/ emailing me/ messaging me/ talking to me.



Durian Puffs

I'm quite proud of this, it looks quite professional right?

It's amazing how it can morph from some viscous liquid into an airy puff. I got such a huge shock when I gazed into the oven!

Anyway I love these choux pastry as they call it. It's simple, cheap and very very interesting. I can think of a million fillings to put into them. But I think I need a better durian filling recipe. The current one doesn't taste that good.
In any case, I think fiona is going back to the kitchen once more.

Kueh Bahulu 2

Second attempt! Much better than the first but I think it would be best if I could get a new mould. Apparently why it keeps sticking to the mould is due to the lousy mould. But otherwise, it's pretty yummy!