Feedback for Eden's birthday party is in!
"Eden and the kids love the cake and cookies. Many ask for 2nd serving and few lick the plates! Many kids from other class ask for the cookies..."

Gosh, I felt really happy seeing that message. And even though I had a really bad day, with training being relatively screwed up, just knowing that I did a good job made me feel so satisfied.

Jodee was asking me about how to make a cake that people would want more of it after eating. And I realised that that's what defines a good cake. It's got to be beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside.

In any case, I feel like I'm going somewhere with baking. There's been more opportunities for me to do my work and I'm getting really carried away by it all. Perhaps I'm stretching myself too much?

But then, life is short! So here's the agenda for this holidays, just in case I forget:
- Tiramisu
- Green Tea Egg Tarts
- Oreo Cheesecake
- Christmas Cookies/ Log Cake
- HOKKIEN MEE and ASAM FISH and CURRY CHICKEN (I'm so going to book a date with my aunt)

This was lunch on a sunday when it was just my brother and me. I'm really proud of my fried rice, cause it tasted quite nice and it was kinda my first try at it. The steamed fish too, haha. Cooking is basically imagination and a lot of confidence and courage.

A quote from 'No Reservations':
"If only life was a recipe, telling me what to do next..."
"But you'll realise that the best recipes are the ones you make yourself."

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