Green tea egg tarts

When I was in Malaysia just a couple of weeks ago, we came across this stall selling egg tarts. Apart from the normal egg tarts, they had different flavours, such as coffee, durian, green tea and some others that I can't remember.

I got excited over the durian egg tarts, and it tasted quite nice, just a strong durian taste. Wasn't extraordinary, but it was alright, nonetheless. Jodee got REALLY excited over the green tea egg tarts. Just as she is over all green tea products. See picture below.

So I promised her I'll attempt to recreate the green tea egg tart because you don't see it here Singapore! Hm, but sadly, it didn't look as good as the one in Malaysia. Haha, well but at least it tastes pretty alright! I hope Jodee will like it later.

I guess the matcha powder didn't really dissolve. Anyway, I really improvised for this. First I took an egg tart recipe and mixed in some green tea powder and increased the amount of milk for the egg custard. I was glad I had enough experience to bake the tarts first before adding the custard, or else it would probably not come out edible. Oh and I used soya milk powder for the tarts because there wasn't any milk powder, but hey, there was no difference in taste!
I'll let you people know if Jodee thinks it's nice. So if she doesn't, then you people wouldn't know. XP

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