Eden's 3rd Birthday

A cake for dearest Eden who turns 3 tomorrow!

This is the awesomest cake I've ever done. It's an oreo cake and inside, the cake is a layer of oreo crumbs with whipped cream sandwiched between two slices of chocolate sponge cake. It's meant to look like an oreo biscuit, with black biscuits and white cream. This is then engulfed in cream and the sides are covered with oreo crumbs. And it's a happy face for Eden!

Then, as take home stuff for the kids, I became an artist and using my "paint", created...

cute little boys and girls! These butter cookies are quite tasty too!

All wrapped up and ready to go!

And finally, this is the happy birthday girl. Hopefully everything tastes great tomorrow and everyone will have a whole load of fun!

Does Eden look like the cake?

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