Did you know that the literal meaning of Tiramisu is ‘pick-me-up’ and that Venetian courtesans used to eat it before their gentlemen arrived for the evening because they believed it would give them the energy to make love all night?

On making this dessert whose roots goes all the way back to Italy, I got intrigued into its origins and significance and googled it. It is rumoured to have been invented in the 1600s, but some believe that its birth came about only in the 1900s.

Tiramisu contains raw eggs and whipped cream. This is an impossible combination in the past without the invention of the refrigerator. But I shall not dwell into the war of the history of Tiramisu.

The alcohol and caffaine in this dessert makes it an energy booster, hence its name Tiramisu, which translate into "pick-me-up". It is also said to have been named as it tastes so heavenly it feels as if the person eating it is being picked up into heaven.

To me, Tiramisu has always been a dessert associated with love and romance. There's just something intriguing and addictive about a good tiramisu that makes you want more. Even though it can be sinful, but there's no stopping once you've started. It's bitter and sweet at the same time, and leaves a lingering taste after each bite.

I made a very careless mistake with this tiramisu. I arranged the spongefingers in different directions! Hence it looked like this. Horrible presentation!

Made this for a night picnic tomorrow at the botanic gardens with my seniors. Hopefully it'll fit in with the atmosphere!

I didn't know Bacardi was Rum. With 35% alcohol content. I feel very boosted with a few bites of this dessert already. Caffaine and alcohol makes a dangerous combination!

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