Christmas Baking - Log Cake

Christmas baking part 3 - Log cake!

This was slightly better than last year, in fact, I think it is rather delicious.

However, a couple of things went wrong. The mousse didn't harden. WHY? I hate it when this happens, but it wasn't so bad after I put it in the freezer. The cake was a little undermixed, which doesn't make sense because I'm pretty sure I mixed it well. But it tasted alright, and the texture was fine. Except the fact that it is rather dotted, the cake is tasty.

I think the ganache was a little too much. It became a very very chocolatey cake.

Now the problem is... the cake is too small!! Ahhhhhhh..... I'm limited by my very small oven and I'm really quite worried about the party later. Which has 35 people attending. I need a bigger oven actually.

Nonetheless, it went much smoother than last year's attempts and hopefully tonight's gonna be a good night!

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