Hokkien Mee

I finally learnt how to do some real cooking! It was so spontaneous, even though I've been wanting to do it for a long time. Around 9 plus last night, I decided that today would be the day I would scoot over to Boon Keng and cook at my aunt's place. So I did it and I'm quite glad that I can now make a plate, I mean wok, of delicious hokkien mee!

Anyway, the main gist of it is just to cook all the ingredients first, i.e. prawns, sotong, chicken, fishcake or whatever you want to put in. Then scoop them up and cook first the vegetables, then the noodles, then add in some black soya sauce and finally add in the ingredients. But you've got to boil some chicken bones to use as broth and obviously some seasoning thrown in throughout the process.
I was offered this cake there, and like always, I can no longer look at cakes without dissecting it mentally. So I took a picture and this is a mango mousse cake if I'm not wrong. A layer of biscuit, a layer of cake and mainly a layer of mango mousse. Topped with mango cubes and brushed with mirror gel. It was quite nicely put together, but the biscuits were a bit too sweet. The mousse was great when eaten with the other layers but having it alone was quite overwhelming. Feels like something I can make, but a good recipe for mousse is hard to come by.

My mum said, " Why the sudden interest? Getting married soon is it?" Haha, it's never too soon to start preparing! In any case, I'm exhausted after half a day in the kitchen. Peeling garlic skin, crushing garlic, removing prawn shit, and eating non-stop really does tire a girl out.
On a more serious note, I need to stop using the kitchen as my escapism from reality. Time to face life.

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