Mussel Guys

I went to Mussel Guys on the 19th at vivocity with the family. It was not very nice and it was very expensive. In any case, I wouldn't go back there again.

This was the appetiser, along with the set meal, cream of corn. The garlic bread was practically insignificant but it tasted pretty good. At least from what I could taste of that pathetic crumb.

We've got to try the mussels somehow, but it was $16 for a plate of this. My mum could cook this in under $5. Nothing special, completely ordinary.

The beef is quite tasty, but I didn't have it so no comments.

Chicken rice and chicken with sausages. Sausages were not bad too.
This was what I had. Quite oily and too little sauce. The batter had some spices in them. Ordinary.
Dessert. Comes with the set meal. Mango pudding that was perhaps the best dish. Thick and smooth, quite fragrant too.
They only serve ice water on mondays to thursdays. I cannot believe them.

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