So finally, my tastebuds got hold of kuishin-bo's food. It was so very exciting stepping inside for the first time. Everyone who can eat, please go at least once. Reservations are a must, otherwise be there at 5.30 punctually and queue, or esle forget about getting a seat. Fatty bum bums like us just go there and rot from 5.30 to 10pm.

Price is roughly 40 bucks per person, on a weekday night. I went with my mum, bro and cousin aileen jiejie. Great company.

I feel like I've been living in a hole, but this is possibly the first time I had such meaty crab. Funny thing, we were arguing what the 'juice' is called. There was water dripping from the crab's meat, deliciously thirst quenching.

These are nice. Really. I could live on them. My throat hurts now though, such is the price for delicacy.

Thank you Aileen jiejie for the treat. On a side note, I realised that resting in between don't work. When my stomach rests, it shuts down. So well, I should've just kept eating, perhaps I could stuff more in. In any case, next round will be my long awaited DIM SUM BUFFET.

"If only we were camels, then we could stuff ourselves and then not eat for the next two days."
- Felix Lee
(I think camels only store water?)

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