Malaysia trip (Genting to KL)

My family and I headed out to Malaysia on the 11th december, ready for some awesome family bonding time. It has been pretty fun, delicious and tiring. But because we are already quite familiar with our neighbouring country, nothing was much of an eyeopener for me. So here's our journey, all summarised up into pictures and words. Not to forget a peek into what went into my stomach! (You wouldn't want to know the full amount, seriously.)

But before that, this was damn bloody funny. In the coach there, the tv allowed for some entertainment. And under music, there was "big s, small pig - lian ai da ren". For those who listen to chinese music, you would immediately translate it and get the meaning. Show Luo Zhi Xiang is known as Xiao Zhu while Barbie Hsu is known as Da S. How literal.


Our first meal which costs a bomb. Very very expensive. Mine was $10. Just for an egg,
Here's something very funny. The person didn't charge me for the fish because my egg hid it. Oh I feel so smart.

Here's the proof, my mum's plate of rice, the most expensive: $15 singapore dollars.

Our hotel room and its resident ghost.

It's a small room, but all we needed was a bed and the toilet. After all, it was for just a night. Nice comfy bed.

We caught a movie that night, at 1.30am. I adore midnight/late night movies. Malaysia's movie ticket cost $5/ 11RM. Cheaper than ours, so we watched ' The Day the Earth Stood Still' Very nice! It kept me awake through the whole movie, and that speaks for itself since I was already very tired. Nonetheless, this movie is so unrealistic, it's for people who lives in their own little bubble, like me. Popcorn comes in a tub like that, costs 3RM/ S1.50.

Because it's genting, we can't miss out the casino. AND, I STEPPED INTO A CASINO FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. AT AGE 16, FIVE YEARS BELOW THE INTENDED AGE. Muahhahahahhaa, such a great achievement even though I was so so afraid the guards will catch me. Damn, but I must have looked old.

Not this casino though, it was a more slack one, First World Casino. One word to describe the casino though, SMOKY. You don't need to smoke, just go in there and you will feel as if you've smoked a pack. I couldn't breathe, plus I had a horrible cough, so after that I almost died. I played jackpot and threw away some money on it. My dad played the Big/Small game. Everyone there doesn't smile. It's so serious and when watching a game, it's best to shut up. Blackjack was so professional like, and one game takes a minute to end. So your money disappears in a minute.

Russian Roulette was cool, because the odds are so big, the casino mainly sweeps away your chips. Scary.
Casino is like a blackhole for your money.
My jacket smelt like smoke for one day.

boyfriend girlfriend much? nah...

Kuala Lumpur:
Our much nicer hotel.

I thought I took this picture alone, but when I looked at the picture, I saw that I wasn't alone. Welcome to the remake of Shutter.

Wonderful view.

We went to A&W for dinner. Ah, what an exhausting day for the folks.

But we were roaring to go.

Here's the menu.

The delicious food. Mouth-watering root beer.

If you don't eat this, you are crazy. Don't step into A&W. This is really cheap too, about $3. Compare with Gelare/ Waffletown, can it get any better? But there should be an ice-cream flavour choice, not just plain boring vanilla.


Someday, perhaps.

The majestic twin towers at night.

Secret Recipe, another must eat at KL. It's price is the same as Singapore's, just that it is in RM. Wahahaha, so gorge yourself and don't feel the pinch! Just the fats.

My brother got beef steak. Yum yum.

And my long waited TOM YUM KONG. My cough worsened after that, my what the hell, it was worth it. My only regret was not being able to eat the cake because I was seriously too darn full.

His new best friend.

Oh I've got to mention KFC. It's finger/toe/lips lickin good! There wasn't any pictures taken because well, there just isnt. But man, their chicken is the BEST ever. They even have chicken rice combo and their potato wedges ROCK.

Try Kenny Rogers too, it's cheaper by almost half over there. But not much can be said for the food. It was... just average.

Oh, not to forget Auntie Anne's. CHEAP.

That's all everyone, and we bid farewell to Malaysia and return to our sunny island. Nothing beats my bed.
When in KL, eat A&W and Secret Recipe and KFC and Auntie Anne's. And Kenny Rogers.
When in Genting, prepare to get lung cancer in the casino.

Aw. He was sad because he didn't get to go up the twin towers. Hilarious.

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