Checkered green tea cake

My very first checkered cake, in the flavour of green tea. Disappointing. Too sweet, too much green tea and I personally do not like it much. To be further improved.

I'll work on it sticking more firmly together though. There was a minor screwup when I was doing the layers resulting in unfitting circles.

The proper way of doing this was to use a special cutter to cut it, but I had to improvise with using different cups to measure out the circle and cut the cake vertically. Hence, to be improved.

But I do so love pretty things and all things colourful.

Made the cake for the picnic, which took 3 years to plan.

I can't believe Clara bakes too. If only she wasn't so old that she had already graduated from RJ, maybe we could have more chances to talk and exchange ideas. I think I'll miss her, and I still don't believe that she'll abstain from a boyfriend for 3 years. It's not Clara. (If she sees this I'm so dead.)

Much love and merry christmas and a happy new year to my gym seniors! Thank you for that awesome time.

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