Log cake

I think I'm not very good at this. Somehow, I can't make a bloody sponge cake roll. Some part of me, probably some retarded brain cell, refuses to admit that I can't make it. So I tried to make the cake 5, I repeat, FIVE times. Then I think I gave up, so I just settled for a sub standard one. It looks nice on the outside, but cut it, and you'll get what I mean. In any case, I feel so disappointed with myself.

BUT NEH MIND. Fiona can do it. Eventually. Even if it takes a thousand cakes, she'll still keep on trying. And someday somehow, she'll conquer LOG CAKE. Just like how she did chiffon cake. In the meantime, I'm sorry chickens, for all the wasted eggs.

Once again, looks can be deceiving.

Dear Santa, I wish I could master making a log cake. I promise to give you a share of it. Heck, you can have the whole cake. Add on to that bouncy belly of yours. And give Rudolph an even tougher time.

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