6A christmas party

16/12/2008 - Christmas Party at Jack's Place. (Get the pun anyone?)

Once again, 6A met up again to celebrate the festive of joy. We are such happy people.

The main attraction in Jack's house is this drum set. It giggles when the funny drum is hit. Kinda like how we get tickled. And when it laughs, we laugh together. Magical happy drum set.

This is our festive feast, courtesy of Jack's mum. Sushi is made by Olivia and me, please refer below. What's not here includes many packets of junk food, many bottles of drinks and 2 cans of amsterdam beer and 1 bottle of long island.

Hard at work putting up our deco. Courtesy of Teresa with a bit of help from her sister. I could've been the one putting up the deco, but noooo, I was too tall, so I thought photo-taking was a much suited task for someone as tall as me.

Cheers to finally opening the sparkling grape juice!

For our night activity, we headed off to West Coast Park where we sat in a circle and played "I never.../I have...", because we are too old for truth or dare. Not only that, we fed the ants and mosquitoes and Jeremy even shared our precious and very expensive alcohol with the concrete. He's pretty nice, isn't he?

To prove that 16 is not too old for cute.

Stick insect on a leaf. If you don't get it, refer to group shot below.

It's a bundle of happiness under the tree. Santa's within all of us.

Opening the gifts together made me feel like we were primary school kids again.
I hope we never lose our sense of wonder. (Adapted from I hope you dance - Leanne Rimmes)

This is my present which I bought together with Olivia. And the lucky people who got these two presents will now have a reason to look forward to shitting.

And Teresa, I think your present is awesome.

Congratulations Jeremy and Jack! You have received a toilet roll holder disguised as a toothpaste and a wasabi tube. We hope you like it as much as we do.

I've got a sexy radio! Thank you Daniel, I don't think your gift sucks at all, it's pretty cool.

And finally,

Daniel, Qiyuan, Fiona, Olivia, Eric, Jack, Jeremy, Jingxian, Teresa and Perry... (clockwise from the green man)

wishes to say:

This was the log cake that I made with help from Olivia for this party. Unfortunately, I can't give the recipe because the cake wasn't up to it. Thank you everyone for saying that it's nice, it really gives me the motivation to continue.

Here are some answers to the commonly asked questions,
- The pattern on the cake was made using a fork.
- The toys were bought from a Phoon Huat, where I get all my baking needs from.
- The added Rum which some of you guys tasted was not real Rum, but rather Rum flavour.
- A log cake is basically a swiss roll with frosting and coated with buttercream. It's very versatile and what you want to add to it is up to your imagination. For this I put chocolate mousse on the vanilla sponge and coated it with chocolate buttercream.

This is sushi which Olivia and I made. Most of the rolling was done by olivia, so well done girl!

Ingredients (all available from the supermarket):
Japanese cucumber
Furikake Nori Tamago (Japanese Rice Topping)
Japanese Rice
Seasoned rice vinegar
Roasted Seaweed (those big pieces)

1) Wash and cook rice, 1 cup of water to 1 cup of rice. (per cup makes about 2.5 long rolls).
2) When rice is cooked, cool for 15 mins and then mix seasoned rice vinegar slowly to the rice.(1.5tbsp of vinegar to a cup of rice) Leave to cool completely.
3) Lay a piece of seaweed onto bamboo rolling mat and put some rice on the seaweed, spreading it evenly.
4) Sprinkle some rice topping on the rice and arrange the already sliced ingredients on the end of the seaweed nearest to you.
5) Roll the seaweed, pressing it firmly with each roll. Make sure all the ingredients are in the first roll.
6) Cut into even pieces, each about 1cm thick. The ends are usually not served.
7) Serve with wasabi or Japanese soya sauce.

This is how the ingredients look like:

*Egg: 3 eggs mixed with 4tbsp milk, 1 tsp sugar, 1/2 tsp salt, fried with olive oil.

Sushi is very flexible and easy to make. What's more, it's healthy! However, if possible, avoid putting it into the fridge as the rice becomes hard and dry. So serve immediately, it's too delicious to resist anyway.

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