Pineapple Tarts Sale 2012

Statistics of pineapple tarts sale 2012:
4000 tarts
115 containers
106 pineapples
60+ individual customers
4 days
2 girls

A facebook event and our pineapple tarts business has expanded enormously. This marks a new milestone for Chomel and I, as we continue our pursuit of bringing joy to people through our food. The recipe has been perfected, albeit only after the second batch onwards. Next year though, we will expand again and we will be better. For all the blood, sweat and tears, once you start you can't stop. Because smiles are as addictive as these pineapple tarts!

I don't know how everything worked out, but I know we had a good workout. The only fuel that kept us going, are the friends that placed their faith and support in our products. As this year's sales conclude, I believe that we've achieved more than what we imagined and I know that we can do so much more. It's love that held us together and pushed us on. Thanks chomel, her family and all our amazing friends.

It takes 30 seconds of insane courage to make a dream come true. Baby, they are bulletproof. :)

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