Nutella Cupcakes

What initially started out as a plan to make cinnamon rolls became nutella cupcakes instead.. There's much to learn in bread making, and I'm barely touching the tip. It's a whole new aspect of baking and I have to try many more times to get it right. Next time, I'll remember patience and I'll remember temperature and humidity for the dough!

So I can't bring myself to end today's baking empty handed and so here's Nutella Cupcakes! I'll bring it to school, hopefully it makes everyone feel a bit better. The atmosphere is killing me.

Today made me feel very lost. I think I can't see the big picture anymore. Perhaps I was searching for an answer as I baked, perhaps I've found my answer. It didn't matter if I couldn't produce cinnamon rolls, but it mattered if I went to school empty handed. 

It doesn't matter if things don't work out, the only thing that should matter is that our hearts can continue to smile as it should. Please be happy.

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