Checkered Fruit Cake

Finally, I did checkered again! This time it was easier than the last, probably cause I've done it quite a few times before. The first cake went to my aunt for her birthday and the second to Mingyew for his very belated birthday. No matter what, a promise is still a promise and so even with the fatigue still hanging around, I managed to pull through!

I did a little experiment this time round and froze the sponge cake to preserve it for a few days. Amazingly, when I took it out and defrosted it, the cake became even more moist and tasted as awesome as it should. Now, I can spread out the time required to bake and maybe, just maybe, there'll be less late nights...

It was nice seeing everyone again, after the hectic few weeks and with the upcoming even more crazy school term, I wonder when we'll have fun together once more. But I'm sure that where there's cake, there's gonna be this bunch of crazy people. :)

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