Banana Walnut Cake

It's Mum's birthday today so I thought I'll make breakfast! And this is sort of a birthday cake for her because she doesn't like all creamy and rich cakes. Banana walnut is healthy and yummy.

She loved it, so that's worth my 7-9am morning "exercise".

The cake turned out quite well, I added loads of walnuts so it looks pretty messy. And I think my oven was a tad too hot so it creacked a little at the top but since it was going to be gobbled up, I didn't care much about presentation. In any case, it's so awesome to make breakfast for the family and eat piping hot cakes.
Hands-on, from scratch, 7am baking is just bliss. (Despite the fact that I need to return to bed at 11am due to lack of sleep.)

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