There was no official reflections on the end of 2010 and the start of 2011, and I do have a lot to say, so I thought I'll let my new year start with Chinese New Year. So as the chinese welcome the new year in the traditional "HUAT AH!" cheers, I shall do a little reflection to remind myself throughout this year of this year's aim.

Last year's word was Happy, I wanted to stay happy and be happy at the end of it. The first part didn't come true, but I did learn how to be happy finally. So as awful as 2010 was, it changed me and I'm having a really exciting time discovering the different ways in which I've changed. In fact, 2010 left me with a lot of gaps, and I spent half a year filling those gaps. I feel balanced now, and whole within.

So this year's word is Forgive. I'll take this year to learn to forgive. Forgive those who hurt me intentionally or unintentionally. Forgive the things that brought me tears, forgive all that was left uncompleted, forgive myself. I need to understand that I'm not perfect, that flaws exist, and I should embrace these flaws because they're a part of me.

I've grown to love my family a lot more, and to see how they are such a vital part of me. Barriers that were created in 2010 are coming down, though I believe that some new barriers are still being created. The cynic in me is coming out, I no longer believe in fairytales and as much as I want to see the goodness of everyone, I am no longer blinded to flaws. Perhaps it's the influence of some, or perhaps it's with the coming of age, but I'm beginning to think that love is...induced.

But that doesn't mean I don't believe in love. It's the perfect ingredient in life's recipe. 2011 is going to be complicated, exciting and uncertain. For someone adverse to uncertainty, I do feel a certain amount of stress. Nonetheless, let this year pass by slowly, I'm enjoying it as of yet and honestly, I DO NOT MISS STUDYING AT ALL! Wow, so glad the days of Alevels are over.

Let's pray the 4th of March will be a happy day. Let's pray I stay sane in this whirlwind of 2011. Thank goodness I am still a teen this year, though it's the last. Youth is to be envied, enjoy it while it lasts and make the most out of it. After all, "when we're young, we don't have anything except time and energy!"

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