The Joy of Cooking

I wonder how many people have seen the movie Julie&Julia. If you haven't here's a short summary:

The film contrasts the life of chef Julia Child in the early years of her culinary career with the life of young New Yorker Julie Powell, who aspires to cook all 524 recipes in Child's cookbook in 365 days, a challenge she described on her popular blog that would make her a published author.

Guess what I found today - The Joy of Cooking, Julia Child's cookbook that revolutionized American cooking:

Unfortunately, this is a revised version with new recipes and slights alterations. But nonetheless, it's still so awe-inducing and I bought it for only 20 bucks! Of course, embarking of Julie's mission of cooking all recipe is insane and hell lot of money, something that I can't even consider. But I do feel inspired and someday, I'll do every recipe in a cookbook. That would be an awesome feat and challenge.

To my horrific realisation, my blog is dead. Yes, I have stopped updating for a while because I simply could not handle my life much less to bake. In all honesty, my life has never been this busy or this uncertain. Months and days are whisking past, I reach out to grasp them but only gather thin air. I'm tired everyday, and weekends are never long enough. Exercising is a rarity now, and I am starting to feel the stress from my lack of exercise.

In fact, I feel hell lot of stress from everything, it's hard to differentiate. Whatever the case, I want to bake again, I want to live my life again. This imbalance is taking its toll on me.

I shall move to wordpress soon. When I find the time and energy to do something. PLEASE STOP THE CLOCK.

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Netherland said...

The Joy of Cooking is filled with great, easy-to-follow recipes and food tips that are just perfect for anyone who grew up learning to cook while using her mother's copy of this classic recipe book